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Opening a Ziggy Kids Saver Account is a great way to encourage your child to save and help form positive banking habits from a young age.

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Why it's important 

Teaching your children about money and how to save is an important step to prepare them for financial responsibility and a secure future. This behavior should be developed from a young age and fostered into young adulthood.

Remember, money is not everything - but it’s a tool we use throughout our life. So if you become good at saving, setting goals, making money and spending it wisely, you’ll be more likely to make better spending decisions through your life.

Tips for parents

Below is a brief guide of recommended topics to introduce to your children at each age group:

Ages Three to Five

Show your child the value of money and help them become familiar with coins and notes. Let them hand over the money for items at the shops and talk to them about how paying for things on credit and debit cards work.

Ages Six to Eight

Talk to your child about their needs and wants and discuss savings goals. An opportune time would be when they ask for things. Do they really need it? Is it something they can save up for?


Ages Nine to Eleven

Plan your next family outing within a set budget. Discuss what you'd like to do, how you’ll get there, what you’ll eat and how much money the whole day will cost. Write out a budget and do the calculations along the way as to what has been spent.

Age Twelve

If your child enquires – look together at the costs associated with a mobile phone; how much each phone call, text message or download costs, and how they are going to pay for it (maybe by doing extra chores around the house etc).