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Ziggy's super saver secret headquarters

LOCATION: At Auswide Bank HQ (shh, don't tell the bad guys)

Ziggy’s Super Saver Secret Headquarters is really cool, and we've found the top secret construction files!

Super Saver Secret Control Room

This is where Ziggy is alerted to kids that need help learning how to save their money.  It also doubles as his communication centre where he can send out messages to his friends (that’s you!) about what Super Saving adventures he’s up to now!

Super Saver Secret Garage

Ziggy's garage can also be found in the Super Saver Secret Headquarters. This is where he keeps his really cool and really fast Super Saver Car. On the roof? That’s where you’ll find the helipad for Ziggy’s friends at Auswide Bank to land when they need to have Super Saver Secret Meetings with Ziggy about important saving tips for kids.

Remember kids, Ziggy's headquarters are super secret so don’t tell the bad guys!

Design your own super saver car

Simply download and print the PDF below, colour it in and get Mum or Dad to take a photo and post it on our Facebook page:

Download PDFFacebook

Every month we draw two winners, who will receive a Ziggy goodie bag with a heap of great surprises.