Meet Ziggy

Ziggy Piggy

Super Saver Superhero Info

Full Name: Ziggy Saver Piggy

Age: 15 piggy years

Super Powers:

  • Ability to fly
  • Super strength
  • X-ray vision
  • Super Saver
Ziggy's Super Saver Story

A long time ago, Ziggy was just a normal little piggy bank. Children from his town would drop a coin in his back and he would save it for them as they watched their piggy bank fill up. Ziggy loved to help the children save!

A very old wise piggy bank had seen the savings that Ziggy had helped the children of his town with. He was so pleased with Ziggy, he dropped a very special coin into Ziggy's back.

"Ziggy", he said, "You have been a very good little piggy bank. You have taught all of the children in your town how to be good savers."

"The coin I have dropped in your back is a very special coin for a very special piggy. With this coin, you will now have the power to be a Super Saving Piggy to all of the children in Australia!"

Ziggy was so excited!

Now Ziggy uses his Super Saving powers to show boys and girls, all over Australia, how to be good savers too. Do you know how to be a good Super Saver? Ziggy can show you how!

Using the latest in ground breaking technology, Ziggy’s Super Saver car has been built to be really, really cool. Not only is it super fast, but it can also travel underwater!